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Positive Choices 2023

This class will review some of the common diseases that we have not covered in the other two series.  These diseases which can be delayed or even prevented with the right lifestyle.  The emphasis will be particularly on prevention though we will discuss some of the medical treatments for these diseases as well. The medical lectures will be paired with spiritual topics from the Bible.  These topics are based on the first six chapters of the book of Daniel. These chapters contain fascinating stories that can help us deal with many of the challenges we face in today’s society.  We believe each of these topics is of particular importance for the times in which we live.

When: Tuesday nights:  6:30-8:00; Jan. 3 – February 28, 2023

Where: Fellowship Hall, Yakima Seventh-day Adventist Church – 507 N. 35th Avenue, Yakima

Cost: $15 per person

To Register – Go to “Registration” at the top of the page – or call (509) 452-1234